Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 Business Days. Some orders with add-on services or specialty prints may take longer. Turnaround time begins when your invoice has been paid in full and proof approval has been received. Superluxe will not be responsible for missed deadlines due to weather conditions, power interruptions, backorders or errors from distributers, shipping errors or anything else outside our control. If we expect or foresee any problems, we will inform you of the problem and work with you to reach a solution.

Hem Tags +3 days for turnaround

Poly Bagging +3 days for turnaround

Relabel +5 days for turnaround

Submitting Artwork

Please read our Artwork Specifications  page prior to submitting your artwork. Knowing what and how to submit will speed up your turnaround time. Art not supplied in print ready format as specified is subject to art prep fees at our current rate. We will not be responsible for misspellings or errors in artwork after the final proof is approved. You can send us your artwork in few ways: via email or WeTransfer. We strongly recommend customers provide specific Pantone® color call outs in the ordering process for color accuracy.

Artwork Creation and Ownership

Any and all artwork designed by Superluxe Merch is our sole property. If you ask us to create a design for you, the cost includes the labor and skill to produce the piece, not the ownership and rights to said artwork. Ownership rights can be purchased in addition to the design fees.  Artwork submitted by you, which we are not creating, just printing, is not owned by Superluxe but you or it’s rightful owner. We will never reproduce your artwork without your consent. Additionally, we will not reproduce anyone else’s intellectual, copyrighted or trademarked property without the rightful owner’s consent.


Due to our faster than usual turnaround time, we require full up-front payment on every order. This speeds processing and eases delivery/pick-up without the need to make a second payment to us when your shirts are ready.

Over/Under Run

Superluxe Merch will not be responsible for under runs within the under/over run allowance of 6% based on the total quantity of goods ordered. Everything within the 6% allowance of the ordered quantity will be considered acceptable for delivery. For this reason, we highly recommend ordering extra garments in each size needed. Superluxe will not be responsible for lost profits on under runs. No alterations to the invoice will be made for orders delivered within the over/under run allowance.

Deadlines/Rush Orders

If your deadline is closer than our standard 7-10 business day turnaround, the only way to ensure order completion in time is to pay a rush fee. Rush orders are accepted only if our current production schedule allows for it. The schedule below is the percentage that will be added to the services portion of your invoice total based on how quickly you need your project complete.

1-2 day turnaround: 100%

1 week turnaround: 25%

Rush order deadlines are production deadlines and do not include shipping. Please consider transit time when submitting your order. Superluxe is not responsible for shipping problems once your order leaves our facility. We highly recommend purchasing shipping insurance on your order.  Please note that our Over/Under allowance increases 10% for rush orders meaning that exact quantities are not guaranteed.  If you select a rush Superluxe Merch is not responsible for profit loss from under runs.

Getting Social/Sharing

We love to print & embroider and are excited to show off the work we do for you! Pictures are often taken during production and after the prints are complete. We post them on sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and X. It’s a great way to show our skills and to spread awareness of your brand. If you’re not comfortable with your project being photographed and shared, please let us know while placing your order. No notification will constitute your full permission to post a photo of your shirt(s).

Fulfillment customers agree to be listed as client/clients for marketing purposes of Superluxe Merch and authorize us to use your company logos on our website and social media channels.  If you wish to mask your fulfillment relationship with Superluxe Merch but wish continue using our fulfillment services you need to request the opt out in writing.  

Out of Stock Items

Superluxe will not be responsible for items that are out of stock. We do our best to inform you of accurate inventory levels at consultation. Unfortunately, stock levels can fluctuate very quickly and the shirt that was in stock yesterday, may be wiped out today. We will let you know right away if an item is backordered and offer alternates if need be. We do not print incomplete orders, meaning if half of your order comes in but the rest is backordered, we will not print the shirts that arrived early and the rest once they come in. We will either wait for the arrival of your complete order or credit your account for the missing pieces. When you choose to wait for backordered items, turnaround will start once the backordered items arrive to our warehouse.

Print Sizes

Every shirt in your order will have the same image size. Even if there are both men’s and women’s sizes in the order, unless otherwise requested. Each different image size will be treated as a new order and priced as such. An image which is printed within 1.5 inches of any seam is subject to distortion or print deflection. These inconsistencies are likely to happen when a large image is printed on a small garment and is considered acceptable. We will not be responsible for print imperfections due to images that lay too close to the seams.

Printing Over Zippers, Collars or Seams

Due to the uneven nature of seams, collars or zippers, printing inconsistencies and/or distortions are normal. Items printed over seams, collars or zippers with inconsistencies are considered acceptable and are not misprints.

Care Instructions

To ensure longevity of your print and image vibrancy, we always recommend machine washing your shirts in cold water and tumble drying on low heat. Foil prints should be washed inside-out and line dried. All printed garments should be washed prior to wear.  You should expect a small amount of fading with water based or discharge prints, because they are basically dyed fabrics, the printing will fade along with the fabric after repeat washings. This is not a print defect.

Discharge Ink

Discharge inks are affected by the base fabric color of the garment.  Typical base colors are tan and make the printed ink color warmer or they are light grey and make the printed ink color cooler in tone.  Our custom mixed inks are consistent in tone but can appear different from shirt to shirt.  This can even happen printing on the same color of shirt within the run.  This phenomenon is unpredictable and we make no warranty against it. In rare circumstances a manufacturer may re-dye a garment leaving the base color something other than tan or light grey.  This can significantly effect the final print color but is outside of our control and we will not be held responsible for this occurrence.  Some fabric colors such as kelly green, royal blue, teal and purple resist the discharge process so we tend to steer away from those. Other fabric dyes react amazingly well. We will work with you to pick the best combination of apparel and inks for results you will love.


Prior to washing, it is totally normal to feel discharge inks on the shirt’s surface. After the first wash, this generally goes away leaving the shirt with a smooth no-hand feel. However, some specialty or high opacity inks may leave a texture behind. We cannot guarantee a completely no-hand feel.


While printing, we do our best to ensure designs are printed in consistent locations on all shirts in the run. However, small variations should be expected. All garments are sewn differently and variations in each individual shirt may result in slightly varied placements. A 1″ allowance in any direction off the proofed location is considered acceptable. If the desired print location is near a seam or a collar, these variances may be more noticeable. Superluxe will not be responsible for print location variances within the 1″ allotment.

Color Call Outs

We strongly recommend that our customers provided specific Pantone® color call outs in the ordering process.  Computer monitors can vary a great deal from screen to screen.  If no Pantone® color call out is specified, we will do our best to match what we see on our screen.  Note you will receive a proof prior to production with the Pantone® color we have chosen to match and can request changes during the proofing process.

Color Matching on Reorders

Since most water-based and discharge inks are custom mixed to order, we cannot guarantee an exact color match on your reorders. Our color mixologist are some of the best in the business and will do their very best to get the color matched as close as possible. If you know you’ll need to reorder beforehand, let us know and we’ll try to keep your ink if possible.

Manufacturer Defects

Superluxe Merch will not be held responsible for manufacturer defects such as mislabeled sizes, color inconsistencies, re-dyes resulting in discolored discharge prints, loose stitching and other garment defects. We inspect each shirt while printing but cannot guarantee the quality of each garment. If exact numbers are required, we highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size.

Foil Printing

We have taken our time to master the craft of water based foil printing.  Our foil process takes many precautions to ensure the wash fastness is the longest in the industry.  It’s worth noting that foil should withstand many washes but isn’t going to last forever.  Within the 2 part process of applying foil we apply large amounts of heat and pressure.  On some synthetic garments with polyester, viscose, and rayon to name a few, the heat and pressure can cause an isolated “shine” or scorch on the garment.  This result is a flaw in garment selection and not an issue with the printing process.  Superluxe will not be held responsible for “Shine” that occurs on garments with synthetic fiber content it’s to be expected.

Customer Supplied Goods

Many of our clients choose to supply us with their own shirts to print on. This is totally acceptable with a few provisions. We request a list of each style, color, size and quantity being delivered at least 2 days prior to production. Once delivered, we check-in the delivery against the listed quantity. We will not be responsible for shortages, mis-ships or manufacturer defects.  We are well versed in a wide array of garment types. However, there is a certain amount of research and development that needs to be done for the seldom used or custom made garments. The allowable spoilage for such pieces is 5% of the order. Additionally, anyone wanting to print on performance materials should know that it is likely to shine under the heat used in our transfer film or foil process. This is not a print error. Superluxe Merch will not be responsible for profits lost for under runs of customer supplied goods. We may also choose not to print what you bring us for any reason.

Printed Samples

If you need one or two of your designs made up for a photo shoot, trade show or for buyer previews, we print samples with the following pricing and terms:

Standard Print Size Per Design: $100 for the first color, $50 for each additional color or location. You will get two samples.

Any art prep, color separation or touch-ups are subject to our normal design charges which are not eligible for a credit. This also applies to custom Pantone ink mixes.  A credit of the sample cost will be applied to your account if a production order of the same design is made within 7 business days of the samples shipment or availability for pick-up. The print must stay exactly the same to get a full credit. To receive a 100% credit of your sample order, it’s value must be 10% of the production order value. For example, when ordering a 3 color, one location sample with relabel, the cost of the print would be $250 ($100 + $50 + $50 + $50). To receive a full $250 credit, the production order must be at least $2500 (excluding art, shipping, custom pantone mixes or ink changes). Specialty garments and items like hoodies may incur additional charges.


Superluxe Merch will not be responsible if you do not like the look or fit of a garment and/or the artwork printed on it. We will work closely with you to make sure the garment selected fits your needs and meets your expectations. However, we expect each client to do some research of their own. Color swatches shown on proofs or in a color book are approximations of the actual garment color. They do not exactly replicate the real life fabric color. For sizing, full garment specs are always available to you but can also vary from the actual piece. If you are unsure of a product’s look or sizing, we suggest ordering a blank sample prior to production. Please note that samples will delay turnaround times so account for it when planning your project.

Print Guarantee

We completely stand behind our work. Please check your order carefully and notify us of any problems within 72 hours of delivery. If, for any reason, we made a mistake printing your order and it is not as agreed upon in your emailed proof approval and falls outside these terms & conditions, we will gladly reprint your order within 2 weeks. We will not be responsible for errors found after 72 hours. We do not offer refunds.


Superluxe Merch reserves the right to change our pricing at any time and without notice. Estimates made prior to the change are valid for 30 days after the estimate’s creation.


We generally ship via UPS. Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours. Superluxe Merch will not be responsible for transit time estimates, undeliverable addresses, shipping errors, bad weather or other problems with transit. Transit time is not included in turnaround time. Please account for transit time when placing your order. Shipping expenses are the client’s responsibility and will be added to the invoice prior to payment except in special circumstances. Insurance is always available at an extra cost (depending on the order value) and must be requested prior to invoicing. Insurance may not be included in your quote if it is not previously requested. Superluxe assumes no responsibility for goods once they leave our warehouse.


Garments will be bulk folded and packaged by the dozen unless our poly bagging service has been purchased and then each garment will be individually packaged and labeled accordingly.  We do our best to ensure poly bagged garments remain tightly folded but we are not responsible for garment shift within the bag during transit.


Orders cancelled prior to proof approval are subject to a 20% cancellation fee plus any other fees incurred including but not limited to restock fees. Orders cancelled after proof approval but before production are subject to a 30% cancellation fee incurred including but not limited to restock fees.  Once production has begun and shirts have been printed, cancelations are not accepted.

Returned Checks

There is a $40 charge for all returned checks. If a check is returned, all payments thereafter will need to be made with cash or cashier’s check.


Superluxe Merch observes the following holidays which are not included in our stated turnaround time.

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

The day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Terms and Conditions

These print policies are also considered our Terms and Conditions.