What is a Pantone color and why are they used?

What is a Pantone color and why are they used? - Superluxe Merch

What is a Pantone color and why are they used?

The Pantone Color System, also known as PMS, is a global standard for color matching. It was developed to assist printers and designers in specifying and controlling colors for print projects. This system enables you to specify colors that cannot be achieved with traditional CMYK.

Color accuracy is maintained by utilizing Pantone spot references for each color in your design. Our in-house ink mixing ensures the exact shade is achieved for printing.

Our team will carefully match the final printed product with a Pantone fan book under natural lighting to ensure the colors are printed accurately. By relying on the Pantone Matching System as a foundation for color, our prints remain consistent across all products.

Pantones, being tangible printed hues, cannot be accurately depicted on a screen, as the calibration of each computer monitor varies. When vector files are saved as .jpg, .png or other bitmap files, compression occurs, leading to potential variations in color.

Coated (C) colors are used for high opacity ink printing and have a sheen, while (U) Uncoated colors are used for water-based printing and Matte finishes. On screen, there is minimal distinction as they have the same CMYK percentages, but the printed versions will appear differently under natural lighting.

You can trust us to accurately respresent your artwork and deliver repeatable results.

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